BARNDANCE 2023 is gearing up and we NEED YOUR HELP! | Stage Left Cafe on the Woodstock Square.

No. 23 VOLUNTEER kickoff meeting will be held at Stage Left Café on Monday, May 8 beginning at 7 pm. We need to get this party started and we need the help of over 300 volunteers. Come learn about the variety of available slots to fill. We are back in the BIG TENT! Original layout at the same site.

2022 Fund Recipients Chime In!


Northwestern Medicine is grateful for the support of Gavers Community Cancer Foundation which helps bring expert, compassionate cancer care to patients close to home. Donor support has helped patients battling cancer receive complimentary wigs, rides to and from appointments, daily-living pantry and toiletry items— delivered directly to patients, as well as post-surgical camisoles and educational materials. Philanthropy has also advanced imaging technology through the purchase of an MRI breast coil, a signal receiver that works with the MRI to create high-quality diagnostic images.

Thanks to your support, Northwestern Medicine continues to accelerate diagnosis and treatment options for patients with cancer. We look forward to continuing our work with you to bring hope and healing to people impacted by a cancer diagnosis.



The Gavers Community Cancer Foundation, through its partnership with the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund, provides essential funding for breast cancer clinicians and laboratory scientists at Rush University Medical Center, or Rush, to tackle the tough questions about cancer — how it grows, how to stop its spread and how to help patients live full lives.

For the past two decades, the Gavers Community Cancer Foundation’s commitment to pursuing this lifesaving research has not faltered. When you give to the Gavers Foundation, 100% of the proceeds go directly to cancer research, patient care and awareness programs.

Gavers has supported a wide range of research initiatives at Rush, including –

  • Clinicians and laboratory scientists at Rush continue to seek highly effective therapies, surgical techniques, personalized approaches and biomarkers to predict disease before it manifests. Thanks to your ongoing support, researcher Andrew Zloza, MD, PhD, is investigating how to treat some forms of breast cancer with an already easily accessible weapon — the FDA-approved flu shot.
  • Rush researchers Mia Levy, MD, PhD and Lisa Stempel, MD launched the Personalized Breast Cancer Risk Screening Project with a goal of creating a learning healthcare system model to develop and implement guidelines, analyze their impact, and refine them to continuously improve patient care. With the support of the Gavers Community Cancer Foundation, the project has gone through this cyclical pattern multiple times, allowing the project team to understand the nuances involved in breast cancer screening and downstream care.



Everyone talks about how important early detection is.  What if you can’t afford medical care?  More than 20,000 people in McHenry County do not have health insurance.  Without insurance, cancers are detected at a much later – and much more serious – stage.  In fact, researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute found that in a study of men with testicular cancer, uninsured men had a 26% higher chance of having it diagnosed as metastatic than men with insurance.    Uninsured patients with colon cancer had a 50-60% higher mortality than those with insurance.

Because access to care can literally save saves, Gavers Community Cancer Foundation partnered with Family Health Partnership Clinic in Crystal Lake to ensure that everyone had access to early detection, regardless of their insurance status.  Together, this partnership touches over 500 people each year and provides tests such as PSAs, skin cancer screening, colonoscopies, and biopsies.    Many of these have led to early treatment, which can be accomplished in the clinic rather than the hospital, saving money and resources for our entire community.   Gavers is proud to ensure that all of our neighbors have access to care.



Over the course of the last five years Gavers Community Cancer Foundation has contributed to the ongoing study of pediatric brain tumors, specifically (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontein Glioma) DIPG at Lurie Children’s in Chicago. While other childhood cancer survival rates have improved tremendously, that is not the case with most brain tumors. The funds have been used to identify effective treatments for children with brain tumors, particularly those with DIPG. The laboratory and researchers have used genetic mouse modeling tools to study the tumor. There were three major aims focused on and they were to develop improved DIPG mouse models, to study the mechanism of novel oncogenes implicated in DIPG pathogenesis and to evaluate novel therapeutics. DIPG continues to have a dismal prognosis of 8-11 months. Researchers believe that the only way to cure this disease is by sharing information and working together across many institutions. They also believe that a cure for DIPG would have wide ranging implications for many other brain tumors.



The Partnership with GCCF has been vital to our mission of providing education, awareness and support for the Testicular Cancer community.  Through their generosity, GCCF has enabled over 50 testicular cancer patients/survivors to attend our annual TCF SUMMIT conference in the last few years via Travel Scholarships.  In addition, the funds donated have assisted in our shower card program, which provides shower cards to individuals, schools, fraternity’s, church groups and more with the goal of ensuring every man know the warning signs of testicular cancer, and the importance of a self-exam.  A big thank you to everyone at GCCF, it is through partnerships with like-minded organizations that we can move the needle in the cancer community!

We Need Your Help!

Do you have ideas for Live Auction Items? We want to hear them! Join the live auction committee. Email [email protected] for meeting details. Don’t want to join a committee, but want to donate an item, reach out to Denise. Don’t have an idea put want to underwrite. Your donation to the live auction will get your or your company’s name up on the big screen and in the program.

FINAL VOLUNTEER MEETING | Monday, July 15, 7 pm | Stage Left Cafe

FINAL VOLUNTEER meeting beginning at 7 pm | Stage Left Cafe. Don’t worry the beer will still be flowing and the energy will be rising as we reach out to our supporters for help in making the 2024 Barndance a success. T-Shirts available while supplies last. We need your help in filling over 400 volunteer slots. Sign-up to volunteer.



The Bucket Raffle is headed up by Diane Messman.  She has a team of volunteers that handle procuring items, making up the baskets, data entry and selling bucket raffle tickets. We DEFINITELY need more volunteers in all areas of the bucket raffle.

How about donating a basket or items for a package?

Please include a DONATION FORM with each item. Donations can be dropped off to Denise at:

American Ad Bag, 1510 Lamb Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098


This is just a wish list. You’ve got something else in mind. Bring it on.


Local Establishments

Three Brothers, BBQ King, Public House, Pour House, Joe’s Place, Double Yoke, Napoli’s, Niko’s Isabel’s Rosati’s, DC Cobbs, Oliver’s, Ortmann’s, Kingston Lanes. Kishwaukee Brewery, Shadowview Brewery, Holtzlarger Brewery, Lucky Bernie’s, Crystal Lake Brewery, Antioch Pizza, Fast Tacos.

Chain Restaurants

Subway, Chili’s, Burger King, McDonalds, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Jersey Mike’s, Chick-fil-A, Jimmy Johns, Wendy’s Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen, Little Ceasar Pizza,


Victoria Secrets, Read Between the Lynes, Curated by D&A, Mattiee & Myrt, Jewel, Kohls, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target Menard’s, Lowes, JoAnn Fabrics, Farm and Fleet, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, TJ Maxx, Ross, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Mariano’s, JC Penny’s, Home Goods, nursery/flower shops


Single Bottles or Themed Baskets

Long Island Iced Tea Basket, Moscow Mule basket, Door County wine basket, margarita basket, craft beer basket, Bloody Mary basket, Mai Tai basket, Whiskey basket, cabernet basket, rose wine basket, Pino noir basket, wine tasting certificate, home brewing kit, vodka basket, themed beverage baskets, beer basket, cooler full of liquor, Rush Creek basket


Dyson vacuum, lawn mower, snow blower, TV, iPad, chain saw, tools, toolbox for the

ladies, Weber grill, meat gift certificates (steak, seafood, chicken), power tools, Yetti cooler/glasses, tablet, electric toothbrush, blender, weed whacker, coiled hose , fire pit, air fryer, home security camera set, cooler stocked with beverages, garden/lawn care items, wheelbarrow/cart, flowers, bushes, mulch, garden tools, hanging baskets, bird houses, bird feed, outdoor patio items


Massages, lotions, manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts, jewelry, boutique gift certificates, haircare product basket, salon certificates


Sport Tickets and Passes

Cubs, Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Brewers, Chicago Fire, Chicago Sky, Ice Hogs, pool passes, health club passes


Golf foursomes, golf clubs, golf balls, mini golf, bucket of balls to hit, golf gear, golf memorabilia, golf shirts, Top Golf passes, sport sunglasses


House cleaning, window cleaning, yard work, car detailing, babysitting, carpet cleaning, oil changes, tire rotations, gutter cleaning, deck cleaning


Hotel or timeshare getaways, concert tickets, movie tickets — indoor and outdoor, home iPod, wireless speaker, festival tickets, museum passes, theme park passes, zoo passes, lottery ticket tree, Wisconsin Dells certificates


Dog food/treat/toy basket, cat food/treats/toys, animal walking, grooming, boarding, fish tank with supplies

CASH is always welcome.

It will be used to sponsor and fill in baskets where needed.

Be creative and think out of the box.

Make the BUCKET RAFFLE the best it’s ever been

Every penny counts and every effort matters, help us make a difference.